About Us

Who we are: an informational hub for ED treatment

ED treatmentWe are happy to see you take interest in our website because we genuinely believe that we can make a difference fuelling your knowledge about better healthcare available for sexual dysfunctions.

This website was created as a satellite resource to reflect the latest development in the world of pharmacological care for erectile dysfunction (ED). We feel that there is so much essential information to share about Silagra and its analogs, drugs based on sildenafil, that there should be a separate webspace dedicated to this life-changing medication. This website is the result of our best efforts to create a comprehensibly structured reference source with lots of tips that drive up the effectiveness of your therapy.

The scientific back up to the materials you find here is prepared by Dr. Pankaj Singh, the therapy manager for the Department of Urology at Cipla Ltd. Dr. Singh has been with the company since March 2010, and during his 10 years in the capacity of our urologist, he managed to make a measurable difference in the quality of consumer care. Thanks to his contributions, we have strong contact with our target audience which results in better ED therapy outcomes.

Dr. Singh received his degree at DG Ruparel College of Arts, Science, and Commerce and lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India with his family. A lot of his free time he dedicates to spreading knowledge about men’s health and the safe and effective use of oral medications against sexual dysfunctions.

Why use this website?

Reading the materials prepared by Dr. Singh and his team that we publish on this website will help you:

  • better understand what is happening in your body
  • see that there are simple but powerful solutions to complex dysfunctions
  • understand the basics of oral therapy for ED
  • form an idea about the correct dosage and application of sildenafil pills
  • achieve much better results in your ED treatment
  • avoid side effects associated with the use of medications
  • create a feeling of being helped in a professional way
  • find reliable online pharmacies where sildenafil retails economically

This website is completely non-commercial and is aimed at informational support of sildenafil users and people suffering from ED and other problems with men’s health. We are not endorsed to promote any products or services.