Sildenafil User Reviews


Charlotte, NC

Honestly, I didn’t notice much that an erection became worse over the years than in my youth. But after Silagra I realized that my erections could be better, and significantly so. Silagra made me feeling like I was in my mid twenties again. When we had sex with my wife, I had the wonderful feeling that my penis was living a life of its own.


Modesto, CA

I admit I used Silagra out of curiosity. After taking the pill, my erection was excellent, as always, and I did not notice any increase in penis density and no changes in the strength of the ejaculation. My girlfriend didn't notice any changes either. If there was anything that was not as usual, it was this: my penis became more sensitive to any stimulating influences and hardened in any 20-30 seconds, whereas it usually takes almost a minute.


Albuquerque, NM

I am used to taking ED drugs. I started back in the day with Sildenafil 25 mg, that was not much help. A step up to 50 mg, was alright for a while. As of a few years back, I’ve been using Sildenafil 100 mg. The current favorite is Silagra. I should say you definitely feel the difference in side effects for the 100 mg pills, but they come on the next day (headache, dryness in the mouth, stomach trouble, and a general feeling of a hangover). I can live with those, seeing that the effects on my erections from Silagra are awesome.


Cleveland, OH

I feel a bit of decrease in the sensitivity after taking a pill of Silagra, and it is something quite unexpected, I mean, it’s not the first thing you learn when you read up on the use of Sildenafil. 20 minutes after popping the pill, I had this pleasant sensation in my pants, like warm waves washing over my genitals. Facial flushing and hot flashes followed. During the actual lovemaking, I could get it up fairly easy, and when I got hard, it seemed like I could go on forever. Not a bad thing!


Oklahoma City, OK

Silagra is a substitute for the brand pill that I used to take for several months. No point in paying more, really, I get the same kind of satisfaction from generic Silagra as I do from the brand Viagra.


Newark, NJ

I consider myself to be quite young still, in my mid thirties. I have hyper active sex life and it is not unusual for me to have two partners in my bed at the same time. It is understandable that without a little help from my blue pill friends I would be spreading myself thin. Thanks to Silagra, I can go 3-4 rounds and last for as long as it takes to make my partner or both of them happy... a couple of times each!


Norfolk, VA

I am a man well over 60, and I cannot make it work without a good old love pill. I use Silagra once or twice a week, almost always with good results. I should really warn you against the use of Silagra with too much alcohol if you are anywhere near my age, the side effects will make you want to unscrew your head from its hinges.