Silagra (Generic Sildenafil) And Alcohol

The psychology behind the use of alcohol alongside with ED drugs

Generic Sildenafil And AlcoholAlcohol indeed helps to overcome shyness or strengthen sexual arousal thanks to the lifting of the brakes that it operates. It also makes it possible to forget fears or to extinguish the mind and consciousness. It is therefore hardly surprising that one wants to wash down his anxiety linked to sexual performance with a glass of wine, or possibly something stronger, followed by a tablet of Silagra or another ED drug. This is not the best idea, and this article explains why.

Why do we associate alcohol with romance? Alcohol has an aphrodisiac role - in small doses! Who has not realized that a glass of wine uninhibits and distresses? Alcohol frees the shy, gives confidence and daring. Unleash the fantasies and make you feel sexier. It still makes one believe in sexual omnipotence. But beware, these effects only work if you limit the amount of alcohol ingested. After a certain number of drinks – this number varies according to your gender and your body mass - alcohol tends to be a buzzkill due to its harmful effects on sexuality.

The dangers of combined use of Silagra and alcohol

Can I Drink Alcohol With The ED Pills

While Silagra produces an excellent therapeutic effect on the mechanism behind erection, it does not generate sexual desire. Alcohol works the other way around: it gives libido a boost but puts a damper on erectile capacity. To some, combining Silagra and alcohol might appear like a win-win deal, but it is not.

The fact is, sildenafil contained in Silagra acts on the level of blood vessels. It blocks the enzyme that regulates blood vessel rigidity (PDE5) and promotes dilation of the blood vessels. The improved blood circulation in the penis creates the tension that your body needs to achieve and maintain an erection.

blood pressureAt the same time, a mild effect on your blood pressure is exerted by sildenafil. Alcohol, too, has these hypotensive effects on the blood pressure. As a result, both substances used together can sometimes provoke a dangerous and sudden drop in blood pressure, and both of them will be metabolized by the liver, creating an unnecessary strain on your excretory system.

At the same time, the study carried out by the researches of Centre for Cardiovascular Science, The University of Edinburgh suggests that the use of sildenafil with moderate quantities of red wine has no measurable effects on the blood pressure. The conclusion would be, use alcohol with moderation if you must, and it best not be anything harder than wine.

Moderate alcohol consumption

Silagra with alcoholFor safe use of Silagra with alcohol, drink alcohol in moderation. We hear this a lot, but what does it actually mean? According to sildenafil developer, 4 units of alcohol is a safe amount to be taken alongside with the drug. We refer to the infographics below to check the content of alcohol in various drinks.


According to the clinical sexologist, in men, the primary motivation is the doping role (excite, perform). With taking substances such as alcohol, performance improvement is sought. The same applies to the use of Silagra and its analogs. The word of experts is to not shoot yourself in the leg when taking drugs against erectile trouble and rely on the pharmacological aid to improve your sexual performance. Do not increase the risks of severe side effects caused by potentially unsafe combination, or be cautious and moderate in the assumption of alcohol.